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  Mar 8. 2013             by Henri Rantanen

The Future of LiveLight Project


  • LiveLight Shop has been closed
  • End of dynamic backlight developement

Hardware and software of the LiveLight ambient lighting module has reached a point that it staisfactory for me and I do not need to develop it any further. You can get all the newest materials from the downloads section. If you think your firmware is better than than existing one in the site, why not share it with other LiveLight builders? Contact us here.

LiveLight site had huge spike of visitors after the sneaky peak on Electronics Engineering Video Blog. I have sold all of the available circuit boards in a flash and I will not be ordering more due to lack of time and money to process the orders in time. Thank you all for the orders, if you purchased a circuit board from us, you now have one of the world's 100 LiveLight setups.

We are announcing a developement of a new type of controller: fast dual-RGB channel wireless contoller. It is designed for domestic lightic applications such as RGB LED based ceiling and wall lights, LED-panels etc. Device will be in the same form-factor as the previous model and it will use 2,4GHz ZigBee modules to communicate with PC and other controllers and devices in the network. More on that later.
LiveLight site will still be available for all you wonderful DIY builders out there for a quite of a while!


This project is open and free. It still cost us money to maintain the site. If you are willing to help, donations are accepted with PayPal or Bitcoin. Any help would be appriciated.

Bitcoin: 17ckqjQ5oYys1Px4ajVHX8EPeVjfxFrfsh

Site developement

Welcome to our site! It not anymore under active development but it is still maintained.

Send us a message if you spot an error!

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