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  Apr 27. 2014            by Henri Rantanen

LiveLight is now on Facebook

Due to this blog to being a pain in the ass to update, it is officially discontinued. All the updates and news can be found on the LiveLight Facebook page.

The project may be running slow but its still running strong and the development is still under way. Thanks for all users who have contributed by sending ideas or donating development beer, great things are happening, BIG things:

  • New firmware version V3.0 is out
    Almost completely rewritten, using super-fast PDM algorithm instead of the old PWM provides fastest possible output reducing flickering to almost zero making LiveLight yet a smoother experience, firmware update is recommended for all V5 boards!
  • LiveLight now has facebook page
    Give us a like and we'll keep you posted on the goodies to come. Software updates will be announced on facebook as well as other LiveLight related news, tips and tricks!
  • Ambibox now supports LiveLight
    Ambibox replaces Boblight as the screen-capture software. It has easy graphical user interface and has a native plugin for XBMC Media Center.
    Give it a try! Note that if you are running old hardware on your HTPC, Boblight is a bit lighter option and may run better.

  Jul 26. 2013            by Henri Rantanen

Circuit boards back in stock!

  • Highly requested PCBs have arrived!
  • Pre-ordered items will be shipped today.
  • Modules have been re-added to the store as the parts are once again available!

We have also made some optimisation for the site improving it's usability, updated some links and fixed thiiiis many typing errors. Design-section should not be a bitter brain fart anymore.

  Jul 6. 2013            by Henri Rantanen

Epic saga of the LiveLight continues


Due to high demand we have ordered more circuit boards! They will be available soon from the LiveLight Store.

Pre-order yours now and get a 20% discount! Orders will be processed in the order they have been received.

BETA! Bitcoin has been added as a payment method to the store.
Payments outside Mt.Gox might take few minutes until payments get enough confirmations from the network.

Website experienced some downtime between 21.6 to 25.6 due to expired domain. As you can see, problem has been postponed to the 2014.

In the meantime, enjoy this video:


This project is open and free. It still cost us money to maintain the site. If you are willing to help, donations are accepted with PayPal or Bitcoin. Any help would be appriciated.

Bitcoin: 17ckqjQ5oYys1Px4ajVHX8EPeVjfxFrfsh

Site developement

Welcome to our site! It not anymore under active development but it is still maintained.

Send us a message if you spot an error!

Keep yourself posted

The LiveLight Project is now on Facebook,
just like everything else.

Give us a like and we will keep you posted on the new software updates, tips and tricks!